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It was like a complete waste of money

Great app. 100x better than Jade

first of all, i bought this app. its in English. i emailed them directly before my purchase. and they got back to me in a day. they said there is something wrong with iTunes and they already reported to Apple about application description not being in English. anyway, this app is great. it worths the money. its 100x better than Jade which i also bought a week ago. > Brightness: lightens pictures that are too dark > Sharpness: sharpens blurred photos > Saturation: changes color intensity > Illumination: enhances underexposed images > Contrast: improves contrast for a clearer image > Color Balance: creates cool or warm color nuances > Sepia: Adds a yellowish brown tone > Color Dither: generates a color halftone image > Gray Dither: achieves a gray halftone effect > Night Vision: simulates a view through night-vision glasses > Sunburn: gives an image a sunburned touch > additional filters like rotating and mirroring images.

nice little app

Of course this is by no means trying to replace the editing software inside your desktop or laptop, but for a quick fix and some fun effects this app does fit the bill, even though the image is only a 2-megapixel one. As i get used to the interface, i find myself using it more to fix a snapshot before sending it off by email; particularly for that price i would not ask for more.

Easy to use

This application is easy to use and worth the price. Hoping to see more photo editing features like "cropping" or resizing of photo, etc.


This app has made by pictures look awsome! I had a couple of pictures that were really dark and this app made them great to look at. Totally worth buying if you like to fix your photos or to play around with your photos like making your photo appear in nightvision. I am also looking forward to cropping pictures etc. Great if your in a dim area and take a picture. Totally worth buying.

its ok

but not great. Id like it more if the sliders had a numerical value so youre not just guessing at the adjustments, and the ability to resize the photo for exporting/uploading would put it over the top.

Had me, lost me!

Yes, the program does allow you to alter your images but the final saved version is pixelated and very disappointing! Basically, the new, saved version of the image is garbage. I would not recommend!

I am couraged...

Thx for this program. I liked it indeed:-) Give a chance! I am sure that youll like it too...


there hasnt been an update since i bought it in August. Come on. Very bad so far. Add more in the update and maybe itll be better


There really needs to be an update Ive been waiting since I bought this thing, which was pretty much for the update.

Potential but needs updates

Crashes a lot and needs more options but its decent

needs work

could be great but it needs a lot of work.


There will most likely be NO update, not now, not EVER. The developer is tricking you into buying for the "amazing update to come", just to make money. The apps interface is nice, but its blurry when of goes into your album. I want to warn you guys before you buy it, THERE WILL BE NO UPDATE. Consider this app dead. Consider the developer a stupid, lying, and OVERALL EVIL man. Remember that.

makes pics blurry

brightens up photos great but when I save them they turn out blurry. using the sharpen function doesnt help either.


This was absolutely the best program that I could have bought for only 5 dollars! If you are good at editing pictures, you can really make the picture from bland to brilliant! The only issue I encountered was the fact that the pictures had pathetic resolution after editing (even without using the sharpening effect). This would go back to my origional 5 stars of this one is improved

Horrible output resolution - good interface

The preview screens for the filter with the sliders hold good potential, but saved files are at 1/5th of original resolution (800x600 into 160x120). Id like my money back, please.


I really feel Thai was ripped off with this thing!! It did not do what it said. When you tried to go in and save it, it would cancel your changes!! That does not make any sense.

Dead app

Pretty disappointing, stick with computer based editing. Dont expect an update.


Its an excellent app for editing photos to make them look better, clearer, and cooler. You can also have fun with your photos! However, it lacks some basic features, such as cropping (which Photogene provides)

DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!

I have had this app for at least a year and I cab tell you that this supposed upcoming update will NEVER happen.

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